Meet Our Team

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Owner, Laser Tech & Medispa Service

Stacie has 12 years experience doing piercing, 2 years as a laser technician, and 2 years experience with micro-needling. Stacie is also the Skin Junkies permanent makeup artist.


Tattoo Artist

Wiggy has 20+ years experience tattooing and is only 26 years old! His specialty is in black & grey realism & portraits. Wiggy loves KFC & teas, and his coffee of choice is a Timmies Double Double.


Tattoo Artist

Skin Junkies other resident tattoo artist, Cassie is 30 years old, she has 3 amazing kids and she was born and raised in PA! Cassie has 4 years of tattooing experience, and specializes in realism. Her coffee preference is a hot Timmies Triple Triple.


Piercing (Apprentice)

Kris is the shops apprentice piercer. He is 33, with 3 wonderful children. He was born in Prince Albert, but according to Kris, it should have been Hawai!



Teighlor is a piercing expert at 26 years old. She is engaged and has 3 beautiful children. Teighlor was born and raised in Prince Albert, and she has been piercing since July of 2019.


Piercing & Laser Tech

Skin Junkies piercing guru. Brittnee is 33 years old, born in Nipawin, she had her upbringing in Prince Albert. She has been doing piercings since 2014, and has been a laser tech since 2020.